Welcome to Peace Academy Magnet School

Tarbiyah along with modern education for our children is the most pressing issue for parents. We want our children to be brought up and develop in our hands, our culture, according to Quran and Sunnah. It is a challenge which cannot be dealt without working together, understanding each other, co operating with each other; the parents, the educators, the children, the leaders and the Muslim people.

Mission: Our mission is to create for the Muslim children best possible alternatives of Islamic Private Schools, thereby facilitating our children to become good Muslims and exemplary citizens in their communities. Alhamdulillah the necessity of Islamic schools is universally accepted and in fact yearned for. What we need is accessible schools for every strata of Muslim society

Vision: Infrastructure, clash of cultures and most important of all Money must not become a hindrance in the education of our children. There should be a way or will to work out a solution where we should progressively and very aggressively pursue a policy to the effect, that none of the Muslim children are left behind in this noble aim of Islamic & contemporary education.

We understand we are taking a huge responsibility, your opinions are most valuable to us, advise us, help us develop and improve, contribute to Peace Academy in whatever ability you can. Without your support we will not be able to fulfill our dreams.

To the parents who work hard for their children, to the fathers who toil in day in night on weekends, the mothers who spend sleepless nights and hectic days and cry in dua, to the children who struggle for identity, to the teachers who strive hard, to the youth whose hearts burn with the light of Iman, to the concerned elders, to the dearest Muslims, please understand we at Peace Academy stand with you.

We have promised to commit every effort to deny the community any reason for not sending the Muslim child to an Islamic School.

Let us join together and help one another to fulfill our hopes and aspirations. First thing, send your kids to any Islamic School; Inshallah together we can make this a true success.